/Pre-painted steel products/A color for every need


The choice of the most suitable coating system, both as a function of the requests in terms of physical/chemical properties and the desired surface appearance is a key element for the finished product. A suitable painting characterizes the product in its identity and in its level of protection giving to the product a high customization joined to the uses and to the different application’s fields.

Color and coating system are closely linked in creating a product suitable for the installation environment and its applications: the useful life of the finished product goes hand in hand with the one of the color for which the product was conceived. Discoloration and detachment of paint, due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, weather and humidity are aspects to be evaluated in depth, since they go to affect both the aesthetic value and the degeneration of the surface appearance, causing delamination and blistering.

The painting also gives the product an advantage, not only with regard to the types of color and surface finish, but also for the decorative aspects and the reproducibility of the design. Steel, plastic and elastic by definition, acquires even greater versatility: the coil coating process allows reproductions of patterns in potentially infinite variations, which can also be inspired by materials other than steel, such as wood, fabric, stone but also by alternative metal products, such as copper and corten.