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pickled, cold rolled, galvanized

Marcegaglia’s wide range of steel strips (HR, P&O, CR, HDG) is engineered to match both standard and specialty requirements of target industry sectors.
Thanks to its production and logistics features, Marcegaglia can create unique synergies for customers, integrating their supply chain and industrial processes creating purchasing efficiency, cost competitiveness (price optimization) and the development of more performing grades or products while guaranteeing the supply of existing codes.

Automotive, fine blanking, lamination, shelving and furniture, white goods, radiators and electrical control boards are among the several applications of metal strips manufactured by Marcegaglia, now adding semi-processed magnetic steels and extra-smooth surface galvanized steels to deep drawing grades.

The slitters fabrication process is carried out in 4 main European plants: Ravenna, Gazoldo and Corsico in Italy and Kluczbork in Southern Poland. Outside Europe, Marcegaglia can count on additional slitting units in Brazil – with a service centre in the Garuva, Santa Catarina plant – and logistic bases in the US and China.

While consolidating a global supply network as well as versatility and economies of scale, Marcegaglia has diversified and dedicated each plant to the most appropriate product range, with the Headquarters of Gazoldo degli Ippoliti specializing in narrow strip rerolling for specialty products and high-end markets.

Marcegaglia strips typical applications, among others:

• automotive

• lamination

• shelving and furniture

• fine blanking (components and smaller parts)

• radiators and fan coils

• electrical control boards

• coin stamping

• electric motors

• transmission parts

• safety belt

• drawer slides

Marcegaglia electrical steels for the production of rotors, stators, transformers and compressors include:
• standard semi-processed grades
• new high-performance silicon grades to provide lower magnetic losses and crease motor performance and efficiency according to new EU regulations.

Carbon steel flats - strips - automotive - Marcegaglia
Carbon steel flats - strips - certifications - Marcegaglia
  Carbon steel flats - headquarter - Marcegaglia

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