pickled, cold rolled, galvanized

As one of the global leading groups in steel processing, Marcegaglia offers a wide range of steel coils (HR, P&O, CR, HDG) dedicated to several fabrication sectors: engineering and machinery industry, packaging, construction, furniture, household appliance, heating and ventilation among others.

Marcegaglia steel coil manufacturing activities are mainly carried out in the Ravenna complex: the group main logistic centre working as a hub for the whole Mediterranean area, allowing price optimization and cost efficiency. In Ravenna, Marcegaglia can count on large scale facilities for receiving, storing, moving and shipping metal materials: 700 metres of harbour docks, privately owned and managed, finished with state-of-the-art concrete floor and coil cradles, served by 5 cranes and an internal railway junction.

New large processing units have been recently added to the Ravenna complex, increasing the overall capacity and doubling the production of HDG and PPGI flat products. Moreover a new zinc coating line for high thickness steel has been added, bringing coating flexibility from Z50 up to Z600 g/sqm.

Marcegaglia carbon steel coils typical applications include:

  • steel for electric motors
  • steel for packaging
  • steel for agricultural equipment
  • steel for household appliances, furniture and shelving
  • steel for sections and tubes
  • steel for ventilation and air pipes systems
  • steel for pressure purposes
  • steel for automotive applications
  • steel for the construction industry

guaranteeing versatility and economy, as well as dedicated properties for each sales sector.